Monday, December 12, 2005

Early morning in a crowded office-building elevator. The doors are about to close on the lobby level when a young man in an expensive suit skips up and squeezes in. He recognizes a friend in the back of the elevator car: a guy in a his early 20s, dressed in medical scrubs, with heavily gelled, spiky black hair with frosted tips. The man in the suit looks him over.

Suit guy: "You changed your hair."

Scrubs guy: "Yeah, I decided to try out the gay homo look."

Suit guy: "You mean all the gel?"

Scrubs guy: "Yeah, the gel... the whole thing. It's just the gay homo look."

Suit guy: "Looks good."

Scrubs guy: "Well, I don't know if it looks good, but I know I haven't had this much physical affection from women in years. Seriously. It's just been CRAZY."

Suit guy: "Ha."

Doors open on the 6th floor, guy in suit leaves.

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